WAYLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — In true holiday spirit it was only right to include a brewery with a Christmas themed beer this time around on Hops with #HeyLuke.

We stopped at OpenRoad Brewing in Wayland, where owner Bruce Patrick introduced us to three beers unique to this West Michigan brewery.

One of the three is in their line of Christmas themed beers: The Wayland Winter Wonderland of Beers series.

We’ll save the Christmas for last, though, and introduce our first beer that was inspired by the name and logo of OpenRoad Brewing: the Traveler Belgian Tripel.

It has a whopping 10% ABV (of which I was not expecting with how easy it went down).

“We don’t recommend this being an actual traveler beer,” Patrick said, due to its high alcohol percentage. “It’s a dangerous beer because it’s so smooth and so easy to drink.”

OpenRoad Brewery’s Traveler Belgian Tripel.

Up next is a beer named after its hops, the Denali, a 7.5% New England IPA — two heavy hitters to kick us off for this episode of Hops with #HeyLuke.

“Back when M-43 (a popular NE IPA by Old Nation Brewing) came out, we were in our first year and we knew we wanted to do a New England,” said Patrick. 

This beer is hopped heavily with hops that used to be called Denali, but has been renamed. Patrick says this was because of naming rights.

“We don’t do too many light beers,” he said with a chuckle after I commented on the high percentage beers we were discussing.

Mug club members’ mugs hanging on the walls of OpenRoad Brewing.

With beer number three, we have the third release in what Patrick and OpenRoad Brewery have coined the Wayland Winter Wonderland of Beers series. The Feliz Navidad is a 5.8% wheat beer that tasted like ginger snap cookies.

As I mentioned, this was the third of four holiday beers released: One for each of the four Thursdays in December.

“If people drink three of the four on release day, they get a commemorative pint glass that says Wayland Winter Wonderland of Beers on it,” said Patrick.

He explained that getting a flavor like ginger snaps come with mixing in an amoretti artisan flavor.

And since it’s Christmas, I have to go with the Feliz Navidad as the #HeyLuke Certified Story — the highlight beer of the episode — thanks to its holiday spirit. 

The logo of OpenRoad Brewery in Wayland.

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