Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) on Thursday claimed President Biden and Democrats “want one gender” in society during an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The comments came during a conversation with former Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, in which Tuberville was asked how Republicans in Congress are responding to the current administration.  

“Well, every day, it’s something new,” the senator replied. “They’re coming after family. They want to divide family. They don’t want any gender. They want one gender. They want to attack everything that we’ve done over the years and go by their ideology.”

Pushing back at Democrats for “coming after family” values, he claimed that progressives know that if they can “get to our young kids,” it could “change everything in a short period of time.” 

Tuberville encouraged parents to get more involved in their children’s schools, either running for the school board or becoming a substitute teacher in the classroom. 

“Folks, we’re in trouble,” the Alabama senator said. “Our country is in trouble, and it starts with education. Until we start recognizing what the left is doing — trying to change family, trying to change things that are our moral values, we’ve got no chance.”