It’s the age of girl bosses, international women’s day and fierce females.   Women around the globe are pioneering the way as CEO’s, polictical figures and highly visible community leaders.  Women are empowered to set the bar high for the future generations to lead and succeed.  

On Saturday May 11th, 2019 at 7:30pm  WOTV 4 Women showcased some of the powerful women here in West Michgan who are paving the way.  The half-hour dedicated to West Michigan women was hosted by Maranda and Eva Aguirre-Cooper.

WOTV 4 Women has been introducing you to these influencial women for the past 11 weeks including a chef who has worked her way up the ranks to running her own kitchen, the only female sheriff to ever hold the position in Kent County, and a historic woman who has soared to unseen heights! 

Click on the video player above to watch the full special!

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