CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Country music artist Rissi Palmer started a radio show on Apple Music called “Color Me Country” in an effort to show diversity and inclusion of Black voices in the country music industry.

During Black History Month, Palmer and the radio show have been in the limelight. Since the show began major country artists have joined to talk about the need for diversity and inclusion. Darius Rucker, Maren Morris, and Cam are a few of the big names to chat with the singer-songwriter.

According to the show’s website, “On her show Color Me Country, the singer-songwriter brings to the forefront the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx histories of country music that for too long have lived outside the spotlight and off mainstream airwaves.”

Palmer will sit down with NewsNation’s Aaron Nolan to discuss diversity and Black History Month at noon EST Thursday. NewsNation will livestream the interview in the player above.

Learn more about Color Me Country and Rissi Palmer here.