GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The restaurant industry is changing, and so does the way Long Road Distillers does business.

“We’re asking for grace,” said Kyle VanStrien, owner of Long Road Distillers, which has two West Michigan locations.

VanStrien and a few other bar owners found a way to help ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

“We’re relying on each other to uphold the standards,” VanStrien said.

The owners got together to create what’s called the Michigan Restaurant Promise. It’s an online database that shows which industry workers have taken the pledge to uphold local and state rules to protect staff and customers.

Jermale Eddie, owner of Malamiah Juice Bar, is one of them.

“We’re a business that promotes health and wellness and how dare us do anything but that?” Eddie said.

Eddie one of more than 100 Michigan bar and restaurant owners who promise to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requirements for cleaning, daily wellness checks on employees and requiring masks and social distancing in their establishments.

“When we started this business, it was based on three principles: kindness, excellence and integrity. And this gets at the integrity of the business,” Eddie said.

What lies ahead for restaurant workers remains a mystery, but what’s clear: the need to take coronavirus seriously.

“We’re humbly asking that they follow the guidelines that we have set out,” VanStrien said.

Owners said they’re asking customers to follow their guidelines. They’re also pledging to report any restaurant or bar that doesn’t follow the rules. Managers told News 8 that several agencies and elected officials back their plan.



Long Road Distillers

Malamiah Juice Bar