ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Many nursing homes and hospitals are limiting who can visit their facilities, part of widespread measures aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus and preventing those most likely to develop serious complications from getting it.

One man in Allendale isn’t letting that stop him from letting his parents know he cares.

“It’s been hard adjusting to it, but we know it’s part of the journey,” David Trevino told News 8.

His parents Hector and Grace have lived in the Allendale Nursing and Rehabilitation Community for the past two years. While he’s usually able to visit them any time he wants, that’s not the case now.

“We have to learn to communicate a different way,” Trevino said.

Though he’s not allowed inside the building, no one said anything about standing outside of their window with a sign that reads, “We love you both.”

“I’m not the best artist, but you know, the words say it all. ‘Cause we do, we miss them very much, we love them, we’re here for them the best as we can in these times,” Trevino said.

While tough times are still ahead, Trevino is urging people to stick together.

“As a community, let’s just not give up, not give up hope. They’re trying around the clock to find a cure for this and just keep the faith,” Trevino said.