GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan has recorded 16 more deaths linked to coronavirus and on Wednesday confirmed an additional 645 cases, the latest state data shows.

Thirteen of the deaths were discovered during a routine check of death certificates to find any that weren’t immediately reported.

The updated figures bring the total number of deaths to 6,101 and the total number of cases to 71,842 since the virus was first detected in Michigan in March.

Labs in Michigan on Wednesday tested 27,250 samples for coronavirus and 946 came back positive. The number of positive tests and number of new cases do not match because many people are tested more than once.

The percentage of positive tests was 3.47%, a decline from the two days previous but still higher than health officials are looking for as a good sign — they say less than 3% is the goal now.

The rate was between 2% and 3% through much of June before it began to rise above 3% consistently early last week. At the worst of the outbreak in Michigan in April, the positivity rate was around 40%.

Just about anyone who wants a coronavirus test can now get one. Information on testing sites can be found on the state’s website.

Fifty-six of the newly confirmed cases were in Kent County, which has now had 5,610 cases since the outbreak began and 142 deaths.

The Grand Rapids region is seeing the highest rate of new cases in the state, officials say.

“We’ve also seen an increase in testing, but the positivity rate has increased as well,” Kent County Health Department Administrative Health Office Adam London told News 8 Thursday. “That’s concerning. Typically (when) we expand testing, we would expect the positivity rate to go down and that hasn’t happened. It’s actually gone from around 3.5% to around 4%. I am concerned that transmission has been increasing and we all need to buckle down in order to stop that from happening.”

About 20% of the newly confirmed cases — 136 of them — were within Wayne County, which has been hit hardest by the virus. It has now had 23,516 cases since the outbreak started. It also recorded six more deaths for a total of 2,648.

Also in southeast Michigan, Oakland County has had 9,931 cases and 1,072 deaths. Macomb County has had 7,844 and 895 deaths.

Kalamazoo and Cass counties each saw one more death for totals of 71 and 7, respectively. Kalamazoo has had a total of 1,191 confirmed cases since the start of the outbreak and Cass 192.