GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan confirmed about 4,500 more cases of coronavirus over the weekend.

The state announced 4,536 more confirmed cases in its Monday update, an average of 2,268 for each of the two days’ worth of data. An additional 47 deaths linked to the virus were also reported over the two days.

In all, Michigan has now had 523,618 total cases of the virus since it was first detected in the state 10 months ago and seen 13,401 related deaths.

On Saturday, labs in Michigan tested 33,079 samples for the virus and 2,466 were positive, a rate of 7.45%. On Sunday, 40,334 samples were tested and 3,211 were positive, a rate of 7.96%.

The number of positive tests is not the same as the number of new cases because people may be tested more than once. Additionally, testing numbers are from a single calendar date, while the number of new cases lists the increase since the last time the state compiled the data; these two time frames do not match up precisely.

Kent County confirmed 356 more cases for a total of 43,746 since the start of the outbreak and recorded two more deaths for a total of 549.

Several other West Michigan counties recorded additional deaths:

  • Allegan County: One more death for 71 total; 5,686 total confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.
  • Ionia County: One more death for 49 total; 3,627 total cases.
  • Kalamazoo County: Two more deaths for 241 total; 11,715 total cases.
  • Muskegon County: One more death for 271 total; 9,660 total cases.
  • Newaygo County: One more death for 38 total; 2,324 total cases.
  • Ottawa County: One more death for 269 total; 18,655 total cases.
  • Van Buren County: One more death for 78 total; 4,178 total cases.

Oceana County revised its death toll down by one to 42; this has not been uncommon as cases are double-checked and sometimes moved between jurisdictions. It has had a total of 1,637 total cases.

Wayne County, the home of Detroit, saw five more deaths for a total of 3,590, the most of any county in the state. It also recorded 746 more cases, bringing its total to 84,872. Oakland County has had 57,789 confirmed cases (582 more than reported Saturday) and 1,661 deaths (revised down by three). Macomb County 50,020 cases (378 more) and 1,629 deaths (five more).

Three more schools and universities were added to the state’s list of education-related outbreaks, including an outbreak of two people at Holland High School. In all, the state is currently tracking 73 outbreaks at schools and universities.

Michigan has recently seen a plateau in the decline in the case rate and a slight rise the average rate of daily positive tests. Still, hospitalizations and the death rate continue to decline.

At a Monday press conference to discuss the vaccine rollout, Tina Freese Decker, president and CEO of Grand Rapids-based Spectrum Health, said her hospital system’s COVID-19 patient count was still dropping. While 20% of all intensive care patient were still COVID-19 patients, the percentage was improving. The positive test rate within Spectrum had also continued on a plateau.

“For right now, we’re optimistic that there won’t be any post-holiday surges,” Freese Decker said.

State health officials continue to keep a close eye on the data to see if there will be such a surge.