GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The coronavirus pandemic can not only flood hospitals and other medical offices — it can also overwhelm mental health professionals.

News 8 spoke with Christy Buck with the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan on what you can do to try and manage your stress and anxiety.

The typical things that experts advise in any situation would be to make sure you get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat right, Buck said.

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She also recommends taking time to unplug.

“Take time away from media, take time away from listening to the news all the time. The reports that we hear are possibly going to be the ones that alarm us,” She said. “In addition, take control of your life right now. make sure you put things in order that you want to get done so you can get them done and you don’t feel like all of a sudden, you are ill-prepared.”

Buck also recommended to stay connected with others, even if you are working from home or are quarantined.

“Conversations, luckily through social media, we can still connect with folks,” Buck said.

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