EAST LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — Students at Michigan State University could face disciplinary action for withholding information from county health officials. 

A spokesperson for MSU says not cooperating with health officials is a violation of the campus contract and students could face suspension or expulsion.

Ingham County health officials told WILX, the NBC affiliate in Lansing, that enough students have refused to give information to contract tracers that it’s jeopardizing efforts to contain outbreaks.

“Large availability of testing followed by contact tracing followed by isolation and quarantine is the way to contain the spread of this virus,” said Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail. “So, when we can’t do that, we have no way to contain this.”

The Ingham County Health Department says it’s considering getting the university involved.

Last week, county health officials ordered the people who live at dozens of large houses in East Lansing to isolate for two weeks. Most are fraternity or sorority houses.

Ingham County health officials had previously recommended self-isolation. On Sept. 14, they made it mandatory. Violators could face jail time and fines.