CALEDONIA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Caledonia High School is closing its building on Friday but will still have students learn virtually after four students tested positive for COVID-19.

The district released a letter saying it was notified of a student who had symptoms related to coronavirus and later tested positive.

The student did not attend the first day of school on Tuesday and was asked to self-quarantine, the district says. However, the student came into close contact with other students before the school year began. The three additional students tested positive and have been in self-quarantine since Tuesday afternoon.

One of those students is a relative of a staff member who began showing symptoms. The staff member was also asked to self-quarantine Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday evening, the district made the decision to close the high school to allow time for the health department to contact students who may have come in contact with students who tested positive. The district says it will thoroughly clean the building while students are away.

Caledonia school leaders say they have prepared for students who attend in person to temporarily switch to online learning in the case of an outbreak. The high school’s website has information regarding virtual learning.

The district says it appears the outbreak is the result of a social gathering held outside of school where social distancing guidelines were not practiced.

The district says it immediately contacted parents of students who were in contact with the student who tested positive.

All relevant information and close contacts have been sent to the Kent County Health Department, the district says. Staff and students who have been in close contact with someone who contracted the virus will be notified by the health department.

District leaders are reminding parents to monitor their children for the onset of virus symptoms. If a student does start having symptoms, parents are asked to contact their medical provider and keep their child home from school.

The district says it will provide updates on the situation.

Also on Thursday, a Grandville Public Schools staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The district says the staff member at Grand View Elementary School was only at school for Monday’s half-day, the first day of classes. The parents of students who were under the staff member’s direct supervision have been contacted.