(NBC) — “Saturday night live” wraps up Season 47 this weekend and the star of the Netflix series, “Russian Doll,” Natasha Lyonne will serve as host for the first time.

Lyonne’s voice is distinctive and the folks at “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t help pointing that out to this week’s host with jokes about “Marge Simpson” and “talking sandpaper” in a promo for the show.

“I’m just so happy to be here,” said Lyonne. “I really, really love this place and so many of the people that are here.”

Lyonne is friends with many past and present members of the “SNL” family that she can call on for hosting advice including Amy Poehler, with whom she co-created their Netflix hit, “Russian Doll”.

“Amy is texting me every five minutes looking out for me,” said Lyonne. “And Maya (Rudolph) and I are on the phone all the time talking about it and (John) Mulaney’s sending me jokes all day. And it’s been pretty special. It really, really has.”

But they didn’t tell her everything.

“What they don’t tell you is really how inspiring it is and that everything moves at a real clip,” said Lyonne.

A pace that required the native New Yorker to adjust.

“I like naps and take it easy,” quipped Lyonne. “Move slow. So, this is a real wake-up central.”

Lyonne’s appearance comes as she’s also filming a new mystery series for Peacock called “Poker Face,” for filmmaker Rian Johnson.

“He loves detectives, and the thing is, so do I,” said Lyonne. “So it’s a pretty exciting show. And I don’t play a detective.”

But she will play any number of characters come Saturday night.

“It’s scary as hell, man,” said Lyonne. “But it’s pretty exhilarating.”

Natasha Lyonne hosts the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, with musical guest Japanese Breakfast.

The show returns this fall to start Season 48.

Watch “Saturday Night Live” Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on NBC4.