When you think about building a home the comfort and future of your family is probably one of the most important parts of the plan. So why not have a family on your side, for the planning and building of your home?

Today, as we continue to highlight the builders nominated for the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids Awards of Excellence, we have three brothers with us, from Whitmore Custom Homes, Ryan, Brett and Nathan. 

Whitmore Custom Homes is a family run business lead by three brothers who all have engineering backgrounds and real corporate world experience. They say that allows them to understand both sides of the business. 

The Whitmore team believes customer experience is critical. They understand their typical client is someone who is very busy running a business, raising children, and maybe traveling the world.  Whitmore Custom Homes offers white glove service and makes building a custom home both fun and stress free. This requires clear communication and common understanding of expectations.

Whitmore Custom Homes