GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Are you looking for a good book to relax with this summer? Author and longtime guest on eightWest, Wade Rouse, who also writes under the pen name Viola Shipman has a new novel out next week and we’re excited to have him back in studio with us.

“As with every novel I write, The Edge of Summer seeks to answer an important question. In this novel, it is this: Why do we too easily and too often go in search of shinier luxuries and people— things we believe will fill our lives with more happiness and importancewhen true worth already lies inside and in front of us if we are just capable of opening our eyes and hearts enough to see it?

The Edge of Summer is a timely reminder of the beauty of family, faith, finding your own strength and coming home

I wrote this novel to remind readers that families are not perfect. They never will be. But – if we were blessed to be loved by our families, as flawed as it may have been, and even if our parents were not who we wished they had been or the love they gave was not as much or as demonstrative as we would have liked – we were still blessed to be loved. At its heart, this novel seeks to ask if we should be thankful for those sacrifices and if maybe, just maybe, that love is enough for us to stitch together a beautiful life and a future.”

You can purchase the book here or check your local bookstore!