Turkey Fryer safety tips: Cooking for Thanksgiving

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.(WOOD TV)-Thanksgiving Day is the leading day for home cooking fires with three times as many fires occurring on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. Turkey fryers have become an increasingly popular way of cooking the holiday turkey. Consumers who choose to use turkey fryers need to know the fire risk and potential for devastating burns and destruction of property.
State Fire Marshal Julie Secontine and Grand Rapids Fire Department Lt. Steve Lohman have teamed up to conduct a turkey fryer demonstration designed to educate consumers about the danger and fire risk of turkey fryers, especially the outdoor gas-fueled fryers when the turkey is immersed into hot oil. Click video above to watch.
Cooking fires can be easily prevented. Here are a few tips.
·         Start with a clean stove or oven. Remove food an d buildup from burners or stovetop.
·         Use the backburners when possible-especially around kids
·         Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove
·         Wear short sleeves or roll up sleeves
·         Turn off stove if you must leave the kitchen
·         Keep kitchen clutter, towels and food wrappers away from stove and open flames
·         For an oven fire-turn off heat and keep door closed
·         Have working smoke alarms in the home, and have an escape plan the entire family knows about
·         Safety precautions for turkey fryers:
·         Read and follow manufacturer’s user guide
·         Always use fryer outdoors away from houses, garages and trees
·         Use a fryer with thermostat controls to ensure the oil does not become overheated
·         Use a completely thawed and dried turkey. Extra water will cause the oil to bubble and spill over
·         Never leave fryer unattended
·         ONLY use the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use cheaper or different types of oil-they all have different ignition temperatures
·         Do not overill the fryer with oil that can overflow

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