GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Do you suffer from TMJ and looking for options to help ease the pain and symptoms? Our Expert, Dr. Kathi Wilson, from the Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ discusses using oral appliances to treat TMJ.

If you suffer from TMJ you might have pain or discomfort in your cheeks, sinus area, teeth, jaw, around your temple or in your ears. Many also suffer headaches, especially tension headaches or maybe you wake up with a headache. Others suffer from a clicking or popping in their jaw joints.

There’s a connection between sleep apnea and TMJ problems. Like a lack of proper breathing that leads to a drop in blood oxygen levels. The brain senses there’s a problem and tells the body to protect itself by clenching the teeth and/or grinding the teeth back and forth in an effort to open the airway.

By treating the airway with an oral appliance, the signal to clench and/or grind is greatly reduced and sometimes goes away completely. TMJ and sleep apnea treatments are covered by most major medical insurances.

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