Books have a magical way of taking us to far-away places, introducing us to ideas and concepts and surprising us with plot twists and surprise endings.

As part of GR Reads, at the Grand Rapids Public Library, one of the books on this year’s list is “The Philip K. Dick Reader”, it includes stories that inspired the movies “Total Recall” and “Minority Report” , many consider him one of the great science fiction minds.

Artificial intelligence and robots used to be the stuff of science fiction but not anymore. New devices have automated many of our everyday tasks. And today we have members of the FIRST robotics club from East Kentwood here to talk about an upcoming event tied to GR Reads.

GR Reads – Robotics Petting Zoo

  • Saturday, July 21 2pm-4pm
  • Main Library – 111 Library Street NE
  • FIRST Robotics Clubs from around West Michigan