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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – It’s almost 3 months into 2020 – if you’re still struggling with your weight loss resolution, Marilyn’s journey with Skin Envy may inspire you!

Skin Envy Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center, our expert in reverse aging, has been around for 17 years and they offer European advancements for a better body and mind – take a look!

Skin Envy Non-Surgical Weight Loss Centers
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Benefits of Sermorelin

  1. Decreases body fat by up to 20%
  2. Increases energy levels
  3. Improves sex drive
  4. Helps with depression
  5. Helps improve memory
  6. Improves physical performance
  7. Improves sleep quality
  8. Strengthens the immune system
  9. Increases muscle mass
  10. Decreases joint pain
  11. Decreases muscle pain
  12. Helps reduce wrinkles
  13. Faster recovery of the body after workouts
  14. Strengthens your heart
  15. Strengthens all organs
  16. Improves hair growth
  17. Strengthens hair
  18. Increases vitality
  19. Increases endurance
  20. Restores Human Growth Hormone levels
  21. Boosts metabolism
  22. Stimulates collagen production
  23. Helps with anxiety
  24. Improves mood
  25. Promotes general feeling of well being
  26. Helps achieve a more youthful body composition
  27. Helps with fibromyalgia pain and stiffness
  28. Increases calcium retention
  29. Increases protein synthesis
  30. Tightens and tones skin
  31. Accelerates wound healing
  32. Improves nail growth
  33. Helps combat osteoporosis
  34. Helps improve eyesight
  35. Helps with hearing

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