Protecting your hard-earned money


Technology has improved our lives in ways we can hardly count, but it’s also made things easier for scammers. So, today we’re getting some advice on how to protect our money from Scott Dobson from Consumers Credit Union.

Protect yourself from Craigslist Fraud:

Be wary of scams that involve secret shopper programs, investigating wire transfer services, or cover moving expenses.

Scammers will send a check telling you to keep some of the money as a reimbursement and wire the excess back to the sender

The check will bounce weeks later and you will be responsible for any funds used from the check.

Questions to Ask Yourself | Avoid scams and fraud

  • Does the reward (or payment) make sense for the task involved?
  • Is the offer out of the ordinary?
  • Does this offer require sending money to someone that I was previously unfamiliar with?
  • Does the offer specify that I’m not to tell my credit union or bank about the origins of the money?

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