Prevent amputation and save lives


April is Limb Loss Awareness Month. Too often, amputation of a limb is recommended when there may be other options for patients. There have been significant advancements in this area and they’re being made in Grand Rapids, at the Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention, doctors there have pioneered treatments that are drawing patients from all over the country… they’re also drawing physicians from all over the world, who want to learn about these treatments to prevent amputation and save lives.

>>> Take a look in the video above.

Dr. Mustapha and Dr. Saab are considered leading amputation prevention specialists in the country and they’re doing this work right here. They have been dubbed the “Leg Savers” for their unprecedented ability to prevent amputation using procedures they have pioneered. One very big takeaway from this — is get a second opinion!!! If you know anyone facing amputation, or if you are undergoing that decision yourself remember, time is often not on your side, give ACV Centers a call if you have questions.

Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention

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