GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) For the past 50 years, an organization in our community has been helping to educate and support women. Each year, the Women’s Resource Center comes together to honor West Michigan employers that have implemented best practices which empower women at work, acting as pillars of support for working women.

It’s time for the 33rd annual Pillar Awards. There are three businesses being honored this year: Family Promise of Grand Rapids, Gentex Corporation and Trinity Health Michigan.

Family Promise is being recognized for their progressive career advancement, and diversity and inclusion practices. Some of those practices include implementing an Alternative and Flexible Work policy and working with a DEI consultant to provide cultural competency training for all staff.

Gentex Corporation is recognized for their career advancement opportunities and Women@Gentex business resource group. In 2019, Gentex established business resource groups on the pillars of inclusion, development and community.

Trinity Health Michigan is recognized for their supportive workplace culture and career advancement practices. In 2018, Trinity Health Michigan established Career Development Services which provides employees with evidence-based career coaching, career exploration pathways within Trinity Health, opportunities to learn about related training and educational programs, and identifies resources to assist with the removal of employment and training related barriers.

As WRC celebrates its 50th Anniversary, they’re continually looking ahead. Last year they launched the Propel Campaign for Women’s Resource Center. The campaign has surpassed their goal by raising over $2.75 million for WRC’s new home and program expansion. This spring, WRC will open its doors to 816 Madison SE. This new facility will provide more accessibility of WRC’s programs and services to women in the community. They will also increase their program capacity to serve over 700 women annually and expand their community partnerships within the Third Ward.

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