GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Hearing you have cancer can be a very scary thing for any person and their family. However, we have some great resources for care and expertise right here in our community with the help of trinity health, the sponsor of this segment. Doctor Lindsay Robell, a Neuro-oncologist is here to share more information about the Cancer Network of West Michigan and the neuro-oncology program that is offered.

Tumors in these areas can become large enough to press on sensitive tissue and affect basic nervous system functioning. This may include:
o Glioblastoma
o Pituitary tumors
o Spinal cord tumors
o Metastatic brain tumors

What are some of the treatments or services that are offered?
• Diagnosis, neuro exam, brain imaging and biopsy
• Second opinions
• Management of neurologic complications of cancer
• Treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation oncology

Cancer Network of West Michigan


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