GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – We’re so excited to continue celebrating women this month for Women’s History Month by highlighting local women in West Michigan who are remarkable. Every Tuesday we’re bringing you a story of a woman doing great things right in her own community and today we want to introduce you to Jeannie Henderson. Jeannie has a long history of running businesses in the area and is now CEO and co-owner of Jeannie Cleaning in Kalamazoo, where she also partners with great organizations and gives back to the community consistently.

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I am nominating Jeannie Henderson, CEO and Co-Owner of Jeannie Cleaning in Kalamazoo, Michigan as a Remarkable Woman in West Michigan. Her entrepreneurial history includes owning and operating over 30 restaurant locations throughout West Michigan with her husband, Terry, before they purchased a residential cleaning business in 2015. As a partner with Cleaning for a Reason, Jeannie Cleaning provides free cleaning services to cancer patients who are undergoing cancer treatment in the greater Kalamazoo area. Jeannie’s generosity and caring heart has led to serving over 50 cancer patients and donating over $12,000  in free cleaning since 2017. Jeannie’s involvement in our community has impacted hundreds of families, not only by providing house cleaning services, but by genuinely caring for her employees and clients. Jeannie Cleaning provides great jobs with a positive work culture, personal development opportunities and a caring atmosphere. Three things I have always admired about her are her professionalism, her passion for people and the positive impact she has on our community. Her mission is to help people and she always does this by leading with her heart. It is an honor to work alongside her and learn the importance of connection and caring for people, that’s what life is all about!

-Nominated by Katie