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It’s one of the most memorable things about you, your smile! And there’s a lot that goes into that, your teeth, your bite, the muscles in your face. When it’s all working as it should, we don’t think much about it, but when something is wrong, we often head to the dentist. 

That’s a special expertise of a woman you’re about to meet, Dr. Urszula Firlik, who specializes in something known as physio-logic dentistry. We wanted to learn more about it!

If you have a dental concern, give Dr. Firlik a call. Under-developed jaws are more common than you think, mouth breathing is the number one cause of under developed jaws, it’s problematic because it creates not enough space for the teeth.

Parents, you can have your child screened for proper jaw development. Just give Dr. Firlik’s office a call to set that up. They’re also taking new patients.

Urszula Firlik, DDS

  • 6225 West River Drive, NE – Belmont
  • Open Monday-Thursday (closed Fridays)
  • (616) 361-0603

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