GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and United Bank has some useful tips to help keep your finances safe and give you peace of mind. Dawn and Robin join us in studio today.

Scammers will pretend to be someone you know and trust. Such as:
• Social Security Office
• Medicare
• Amazon, Apple, Walmart
• Police / Sheriff
• Consumer’s Energy / DTE

Scammers will say there is a problem or prize.
• Inheritance or lottery.
• Grandchild is in jail.
• Overpayment.
• Issue with merchant or bank account.

Scammers will pressure you to act quickly and may threaten you with:
• Jail time.
• Threats against family.
• Loss of money and need to move it to keep it safe.
• Scammer may lose job due to over payment.
• Threat of malware on computer.

Scammers will convince you to provide funds or valuable personal information. They may also tell you to pay in a certain method, such as:
• Purchase gift cards, money orders, Cashier’s Checks.
• Purchase crypto currency from an ATM or online website.
• Use person to person payment systems like Venmo, or Cash App
• Wire money
• Mail cash
• Give personal information

How to Protect Yourself:

• Never give out personal information unless you initiate contact with a verified company.
• Never pay fees without verifying the person or company.
• Never believe people that contact you unsolicited.
• Never act immediately.
• Never believe that you must pay a certain way.
• Never cash checks and give funds or money back.

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