GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – People are feeling lots of anxiety and stress right now and being at home more than normal can take a toll on our bodies. Many people are working from home and spending more time looking at screens, which can lead to more pain.

How can you reduce pain? Make sure to practice safely stretching your neck and wrists.

Make sure to take care of your mental health as well:

  • Build activity in throughout the day 
  • Set an alarm to do something active each hour 
  • Make it fun, include kiddos 
  • Go for a walk or climb stairs for 3-5 min 

If people are in pain and need some help, Ivy Rehab / Northern Physical Therapy is considered essential so you are open and seeing patients, but they are also offering Telehealth appointments so people don’t have to leave home. Plus, insurance companies have expanded coverage on Telehealth appointments for physical therapy during COVID. 

Telehealth – Virtual face-to-face appointment with PT 

  • Real-time 1-1 sessions with your PT 
  • Easy to get started 
  • Comfort of your own home 
  • They’re accepting new patients 

Sponsored by Ivy Rehab / Northern Physical Therapy.