Hospice of Michigan can help bereaved individuals navigating loss during the pandemic


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – It has been nearly one year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospice of Michigan has continued to support the needs of bereaved individuals who have faced loss in such a different way.

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Grief is very individual and personal, but we see some very common emotional experiences that are being expressed now

  • SADNESS: Sadness may be magnified because of the multiple losses experienced.
    • Not just personal loss, but maybe the losses a friend has experienced, or other losses like a job, finances, and even social connection.
    • People may also be touched by deaths you have read or heard about – friends, celebrities, etc.
    • We see that may people even label themselves as feeling “depressed”.
    • Please reach out to a professional for support.
  • FEAR: While anxiety or fear can be a normal feeling we experience during grief, those emotions may be especially heightened during this time. Fear may be intensified because of the uncertainties or just feeling vulnerable.
    • If someone close died of COVID 19, there may be fear about also getting the illness.
  • ANGER: Our frustration and anger can manifest itself in many ways.
    • From not being able to have a funeral the way you wanted, to the barriers of visiting a loved one in a long term care facility or being able to retrieve their belongings, to the economic distress that many people face.
    • If it was a COVID 19 related death, you may find yourself angry about the illness asking the question “Why did he or she have to get it.”  
  • LONELINESS: Whether you are physically alone or feeling alone in your grief, being able to connect with others during grief is so important.
    • Visitor restrictions have meant a loss of physical closeness and connection (especially if the patient is in a nursing home, etc.)
    • Social distancing may have intensified your feelings and experience of loneliness.
  • PHYSICAL REACTIONS: It is not uncommon during grief for our bodies to respond
    • Loss of appetite or the converse –stress/comfort eating.
    • Sleep patterns may be affected or even distressing dreams.
    • If you are particularly concerned or having unusual physical responses, please contact your doctor.

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