GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – When planning a trip, we all look for the quickest and easiest driving directions. We use directions to bake a cake from scratch, we all need directions for putting together that desk, table, or chair you purchased from one of those the big box stores. Today Alexis from Plexaderm is here to tell us about some directions for looking younger in no time.

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Plexaderm works in minutes to cosmetically tighten wrinkles and bags right before your eyes. It uses the power of silicates to tighten your skin in as little as five minutes without injections, without any prescription, and without any real effort.

The technology comes from the minerals, known as silicates, which are naturally-derived from shale rock. This came out of years of research by chemists and developers to make a cream that dissolves onto the skin and then pulls in the loose skin and heightens the wrinkle crevasses. And while the technology behind Plexaderm is very impressive, the results are even more impressive. It works so well, people have a hard time believing the pictures until they use Plexaderm for themselves, and then they are speechless.

Plexaderm can be used with make-up. Put it on first thing in the morning after you wash and dry your face. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and put your make-up on like normal.

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