GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)- Confluence is a free, multi-day festival that draws thousands of attendees to downtown GR. The event explores innovation and creativity across art, music, science and technology. The Future Innovators Zone is a STEAM-based playground for kids of all ages, the Maker Expo spotlights the DIY maker community, the Innovation Showcase features an esports tournament with the region’s top collegiate and high school teams, the Robotics Expo & Parade features top middle and high school teams who show off their skills in the fields of engineering, coding and computer science, the Music Summit explores how innovation is reshaping the music industry, the Music Showcases feature musicians who test the limits of instrumentation to create exuberant sonic soundscapes, and Art@ presents over 30 works from experimental media artist Brian Alexander.

Confluence Festival kicks off next weekend, and Brian joins us today.

Confluence Festival

Sept. 22-23
Rosa Parks Circle