GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- The world’s largest international art competition, ArtPrize, returned on Sept. 15! For 18 days, Grand Rapids welcomes hundreds of artists, creatives, and thousands of visitors to the city to explore beautiful artwork, unique installations and to showcase their appreciation for creativity!

The return of the competition also marks the launch of live eightWest shows down at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. To celebrate, we’re taking a trip down memory lane! Last year, Terri DeBoer joined Morgan Poole on eightWest backstage to share what she looked forward to during ArtPrize 2021 and reflected on fun moments from previous ArtPrize competitions over the last decade.

Watch in the video player above! 

Did you know? The first-ever eightWest show debuted during ArtPrize in 2009? It’s amazing to see how much it has evolved since then!