GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- West Michigan, you’re in for a treat this week during a new episode of eightWest backstage. We’re taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane by deep diving into the eightWest archives to revisit priceless moments on the show! There’s nothing like reminiscing over memories and events that have made us smile until our cheeks hurt and laugh until the stomach cramps roll in. 

If you’ve tuned into eightWest since its debut in 2009, then you have likely witnessed tons of unforgettable moments. Click on the video player above and join Morgan Poole for a rundown of four priceless show moments! Then, scroll down below to watch three additional bonus clips!

Watch in the video player above

#1: Alexis’ performance leaves us floored!

It’s the performance heard across West Michigan and beyond! Local music group, Alexis, stopped by eightWest in 2011 to showcase their “electro-synth-pop” song called “Goldstar.” Dan Hurst and Matt Forbush had a blast presenting their funky outfits, vocals, tunes and infamous dance moves. Rachael Ruiz and Terri DeBoer also joined in on the fun. Relive the experience in the video player below. 

#2: Terri DeBoer climbs to new heights

The opportunity to climb up a 172-foot-tall landmark doesn’t come by every day, but Terri was able to scratch it off her bucket list in 2009! During this previous segment, she took a trip to the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital Tower, located at Oakland and Howard. Let’s just say she got in a good leg day workout! Check out her epic experience in the video player below.

#3: Rachael Ruiz takes a spin of a lifetime!

You’d expect to see a Batmobile in Hollywood movies, but one Kalamazoo man recreated the vehicle in his garage by referencing photos. Of course, eightWest had to track the replica down and Rachael had the chance to take a spin. Buckle up and watch below!

#4: Jordan has an experience unlike any udder!

Interacting with farm animals isn’t for everyone, but we should all try it at least once in our lives! Jordan Carson had the chance to milk a goat and learned how to “show” animals at the Ionia Free Fair in 2010. Watch the fun moment below!

#5 Rachael tours a 1950’s Fallout Shelter 

In March 2012, Rachael and the eightWest crew visited a local Edmore man who discovered a fallout shelter in his basement. To his surprise, the fallout shelter was one of 50 built by Amway in the 1950s. Learn unique facts about the fallout shelter and the Cold War in the video player below.

#6 Jordan and Rachael “link” with hot doggers  

You’re familiar with cars, trucks, busses and RVs, but have you ever heard of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? You may have seen one of six different Wienermobile’s driving across the U.S. at any given time, and if you still have yet to view its impressive features, then take a look at this eightWest segment. In 2015, “Llana Links” and “Mac N Cheese Molly” pulled up in WOODTV8’s parking lot, and Rachael and Jordan had the chance to tour the inside.  

#7 The luckiest dog in Michigan visits eightWest

If you tuned into eightWest on March 29, 2016, then you’re familiar with the heartfelt story of a Michigan woman who saved a dog from a near-death experience. The adorable pup, Lemon, was rescued and rehabilitated by staff at the Kent County Animal Shelter. Some images may be hard to view, so bring your tissues. This heartwarming story is both inspirational and a tearjerker.

West Michigan, we hope you had a blast reliving these seven priceless eightWest moments! Let us know which of these segments was your favorite via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. We can’t wait to hear from you. Until then, thanks for tuning in to eightWest backstage. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay west!