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Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with epilepsy? Chances are good that you do, or will, because 1 in 26 people in this country has epilepsy or will develop it at some point in their life. November is “Epilepsy Awareness Month” and here to talk about epilepsy, and how it can be treated is Dr. David Burdette, director of the epilepsy program at Spectrum Health.

What is epilepsy?

  • Brain disorder
  • Neurons misfire
  • Results can be as severe as a grand mal seizure

How is epilepsy treated?

  • 2/3 controlled by meds
  • 1/3 are more difficult and may benefit from surgery
  • Important to get it under control because it could kill you

How do you treat patients whose epilepsy can’t be controlled by medication?

  • Four ways, depending upon the specific patient
  • Most innovate is NeuroPace  “pacemaker for the brain”

How does NeuroPace work?

  • Neurostimulator implanted in the brain
  • Completely within the brain  you can’t see it
  • Spectrum Health has done dozens of these implants


  • Highest Designation (Level 4) from National Assoc. of Epilepsy Centers
  • More information available at
  • Call 616.267.7900 to make an appointment

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