GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – With the kids headed back to school, your life is bound to get more hectic. With so much going on, you don’t have time to let neck and back pain slow you down.

Dr. Miller of Total Health Chiropractic visited eightWest with solutions that don’t require surgery. He has been a neck and back pain expert for over 13 years and specializes in helping people with chronic, debilitating pain find relief. Neck and back pain is a common condition and Total Health Chiropractic can help patients with a variety of conditions:

  • Chronic Neck & Back Pain
  • Shooting pain in arms or legs
  • Electric-like pain
  • Leg or extremity weakness
  • Pain while sitting or standing
  • Sharp, achy pain in lower back

Treatment options

Dr. Miller has a variety of treatment options for patients including the DRX Program which is non-invasive, non-surgical. It targets and heals injured discs, providing our patients with long term relief. This program is designed to get them back to doing the things in their lives that they’ve been missing out on and living independently without having to come back for more appointments and checkups months or years down the road.

Call now. If you qualify for a consultation for this program, you will receive your consultation AT NO CHARGE! And, if you are one of the first 8 callers, receive a full spinal exam for just $49. TOTAL SAVINGS OF OVER $200! Must call today. 616-328-6130.