GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – This Thursday is National Doctors Day, and after three years of trying times in the medical community, it’s time to really celebrate all that doctors do day in and day out. Scroll down to see how you can say thanks.

Today we have doctors Lisa Lowery and Chris Palazzo from Corewell Health to talk about some recent accomplishments within their organization.

Some examples of milestones and/or new programs here in West Michigan:
• Conducted 300th lung transplant in December (program started in 2013). Butterworth is the busiest lung transplant program in the state.
• 7,601 babies were born at Butterworth last year. If you include our regional hospitals in West Michigan, the total soars to more than 10,000 babies.
• While our heart transplant program for adults has been around since 2010, we just added a pediatric heart transplant program at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
• Doctors at Corewell Health in Southeast Michigan recently discovered a blood test for pregnant women that can accurately detect fetal heart defects.
• In 2022, Corewell Health physicians in West Michigan published 328 studies, reviews and editorials in peer-reviewed journals.

Saying Thanks on Doctors’ Day
• Text a message or image of gratitude to 517.816.9328
• Email messages here:

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