This is the kind of weather we look forward to all year. It’s because we get to spend so much time outside our home, in the backyard, or at the cottage, grilling, entertaining and relaxing! There’s been a huge movement toward extending the comfort we have inside our home, to the outside and we do that by creating great living environments in both places.

We found a unique store that does both focuses on indoor and outdoor home furnishings, with an emphasis on style and design. It’s Bell Tower Lake House Living Company, which just opened a brand new showroom!  

Bell Tower really is a destination home store, their barn showroom is gorgeous! You will find things you don’t see in other places too. Now that the barn showroom is complete, Ashleigh and Jack are transforming the area outside the barn, expanding their outdoor patio retail space. we’re going to showcase that, once it’s finished.

Bell Tower Lake House Living Company is located in Richland, at the corner of m-89 and M-43, not too far from Gull Lake, and the Gilmore Car Museum. 

Bell Tower Lake House Living