The city of Allegan is growing, and so are many of their businesses. One business in particular started with a young girl sewing in her parent’s basement and has evolved into a half-million dollar company.

We’re excited to take you to The Sassy Olive, where fun fashion meets quirky Boho. Take a look.

The Sassy Olive is quickly growing in popularity. In fact for most of their fabrics, once they’re gone they don’t ever come back.

They currently have 10 full time staff members, and plan to hire more as they expand. They’re also heavily involved in community, and give back in many ways.

Their new location is currently under renovation, however they’re planning their big grand re-opening later this fall. You can find all the latest news, and check out what the Sassy Olive is up to by following their Facebook Page. The Sassy Olive is located on Locust Street in Allegan.

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