GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – It’s the season for firing up the grill, outdoor gatherings are back, and at the center of it all, besides the fellowship, is the food!

Dr. Geri from Ideal You is our Weight Loss Expert and she joins us today to remind us that you can enjoy it all without worrying about gaining weight if you have a good plan.

Stay on Track With Your Weight Loss Goals:

  • Eat a healthy meal beforehand to balance your blood sugar
  • Stay hydrated and bring water with you
  • Position yourself away from the food table
  • Engage in converstaion to move your focus away from food
  • Keep calm – no one is watching what you eat
  • Bring your own food dish
  • Grill lean meat like sirloin, bison or even chicken breast
  • Avoid processed meats like hot dogs and brats since they have higher sodium and sugar level
  • Shish kabobs are a great option for a mix of meat and veggies
  • Try grilled seafood

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