GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)- Many children and teens are excited to go back to school and see their friends. Some will also wrestle with fears and anxieties about what the school year will bring, and the pressures of fitting in with their peers. Even kids who look forward to school can experience some back-to-school jitters. Dr. Lisa Vroman Stokes from Pine Rest, our expert, joins us today to talk about these fears and ways we can help kids manage these fears and anxieties.

Tips to help ease anxiety:
a. Encouraging statements
b. Listen to fears, validate & come up with plan to manage fears
c. Practice new routine
d. Make getting back-to-school supplies fun
e. Tour the new school, go to open houses, connect with familiar friends/peers before school starts
f. Discuss school rules and routines
g. Be mindful of your (caregiver’s/parent’s) own reaction to back to school preparations/child’s anxiety

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