GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Your cell phones have so much information on them and if law enforcement is investigating you for a crime, they are going to want to get into your phone. so what do you do? Today we have Britt and Chip here from Willey and Chamberlain, our Criminal Defense experts.

You do not have to give the police your cell phone and you do not have to give them the password. Giving law enforcement the password is consent to search the cell phone contents. Make them get a warrant. If you want to make sure police cannot get into your cell phone, use the password protection function the phone rather than facial or touch recognition protection function. Be careful about what you use your cell phone to do. Even if items get deleted from your phone and so that you can’t see it anymore, it doesn’t mean that law enforcement can’t recover the material doing a forensic extraction.

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