GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)- The topic of gun laws is in the news a lot lately, but many people do not know what Michigan and federal laws say about carrying guns. Today we have Britt Cobb and Larry Willey from Willey and Chamberlain to help educate our viewers.

In Michigan, depending on the type of gun, you can openly carry a gun as early as age 18. To carry a concealed weapon, you have to be 21 and obtain a permit called a CPL. To obtain the CPL, you have to pass a series of background checks. The CPL allows you to carry the gun on your person or in your vehicle. If you want to carry a gun in your car without a concealed weapons permit, it needs to be unloaded and locked in a case and stored in your trunk. If you get convicted of certain crimes, have a mental illness, or have other disqualifying features, you are prohibited from having a weapon at all.

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