GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) Most people don’t hesitate to get their oil changed in their car or get their furnace tuned up every fall. We may be overlooking routine maintenance on some of the biggest investments inside our homes – our appliances. Synergy Appliance is the new Appliance Expert on eightWest and

Synergy Appliances helps homeowners by providing optimal value and innovative solutions to their customers. They are a small family-owned business based in Wyoming. They offer a wide range of appliances from new to scratch-and-dent, as well as new and used parts to help anyone with their own repairs.

Synergy Appliances stresses the need for routine maintenance: “oil changes” for our appliances. By doing so, you’re protecting one of the largest investments in your home. Synergy says they found over one third of their service repair calls were preventable with routine maintenance. This saves customers not only money, but time and frustration.

Synergy Appliances
1623 Chicago Dr SW