Q: How long have you been participating in races?

A: I’ve always been a runner. I started doing races after college. It was a great way to take part in community events in new cities as I started my TV career. 

Q: Do you only do local races, or have you participated in races in other cities?

A: I love the Grand Rapids races, but I have traveled to other cities to run. The craziest one was the Amish Country half marathon in Berlin, Ohio. Amish children handed out water as we ran past their farms, someone would shout ‘BUGGY!’ and we would move to the side, so a horse and buggy could pass, and they served hot buttered noodles at the finish line. It was amazing.

Q: How do you train for these races? What’s your best time?

A: I run about 25 miles a week all year round. I add long runs on the weekends (8-12 miles) during race season. My best time for the 25K was a LONG time ago—it was still Old Kent River Bank Run, and it was the year the course changed because of construction on the S-Curve. I ran 2:09—these days it’s about 2:30.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the River Bank Run?

A: The half marathon is my favorite race, but I love the 25K because it’s so unique to GR. I love the history of the race and that so many people look forward to it every year.