GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — More appointments are available at the West Michigan Vaccine Clinic at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids.

News 8 learned that additional appointments opened this week and more are opening next week. The hope is that it will help combat the surge of COVID-19 cases.

“It was really quick,” a woman named Gabbi said. “I scheduled mine yesterday, which was kind of nice.”

People are now able to get a vaccine the day after scheduling an appointment at DeVos Place.

There are currently 3,500 unfilled appointments at DeVos Place for the remainder of the week.

“It is not a concern,” Chief Operating Officer for Spectrum Health Brian Brasser said. “What we are really working to do is make sure there is awareness of just how easy it is.”

Spectrum says it has a little more than 91,000 doses of the vaccine and 81,000 scheduled appointments.

According to Spectrum, the current surge is impacting a younger crowd. Doctors are seeing people in their 30s and 40s hospitalized with breathing issues, and those who don’t need hospital care are seeing symptoms last longer.

Specturm says that the best way to fight the surge is to get vaccinated.

“We are most concerned about people who are ready to get a vaccine that they get one as soon as they can, and we feel like having this many available at West Michigan Vaccine Clinic is an advantage to our community. We want to make sure we get the word out, so that people know about it,” Brasser said.

DeVos Place stopped using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine while it’s being studied after six women reported potentially dangerous blood clots. It’s still being determined if the blood clots are connected to the J&J vaccine.

Appointments at DeVos Place can be scheduled at