GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The West Michigan Vaccine Clinic is preparing for a jampacked Monday, while the rest of the week remains fairly open as health officials urge unvaccinated community members to get their shot right away.

Monday will be part two of the clinic’s record-setting day as more than 12,000 people are scheduled to return for their second dose of the vaccine.

“Tomorrow, we’ll see about 12,000 to 12,500 (people),” Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Chief Operating Officer Brian Brasser said.

It’s the same crowd of people that turned out to the clinic at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids late last month, marking a milestone day for most shots given.

“We’ve asked quite a few folks in government that have helped to set up these mass vaccination sites, and we are not aware of any clinic in the country that has surpassed the 12,500 mark that we did,” Brasser said.

However, there are several hundred unfilled openings remaining for the rest of the week as health officials urge people to get vaccinated right away.

“We’re actually seeing some appointments go unfilled, so now is the time we’re really asking for the community to double down,” Brasser said. “If you’re ready for the vaccine, if you’re 16 and over, you’re the priority. Please don’t wait.”

It’s a plea that only becomes more urgent as Michigan’s COVID-19 crisis rages on.

“Especially in the context of Michigan being in the situation we find ourselves now, which is really a hot spot,” Brasser said. “We see our positivity (rate) in the community over the last several weeks being very, very high … we’re seeing our hospitals filled with COVID patients that are very, very sick (and) they’re younger than what they were in the fall.”

You can register to get your shot at the DeVos Place clinic at