WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A senior at Wyoming High School is thousands of miles away from her home country and has overcome many obstacles in pursuing her dreams and passions.

She was selected as our student of the week on this last Friday of 2022. 

“Not every day is a good day. Some days there will be problems and make me not have a good mood, but I try to come to school and just do my best,” Lesvi Garcia said.

Garcia has discovered her own strength since moving to the United States from Guatemala three years ago.

She struggled with the English language and said she spent countless hours outside of school learning the alphabet and watching videos repetitively to make sure she could pronounce every word.

“My mom and my teachers since the first day I came believed in me and told me I would do great things in life,” she said.

Garcia persevered through the language barrier and was selected into the National Honor Society and Superintendents Council.

Upon starting school, she was reluctant to meet new friends who didn’t speak Spanish though she left her comfort zone and began socializing with others.

As she was adjusting to a new norm, her classmates noticed her character.

They voted her Alpha Wolf 11 last year for showing kindness, compassion and grace to others. Her name hangs in the school’s cafeteria among her students, who have been recognized for displaying the school’s motto.

Teachers and staff say this student at Wyoming High school has overcome a lot of challenges yet continues to excel.

“I always thank my parents because they always told me to be kind, be yourself at school and be you everywhere you go. I feel blessed,” she said.

Garcia will graduate in May and plans to stay here in the U.S. and become a flight attendant.