GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Jocelyn Berruquin will tell you she’s shy but comes alive when she’s dancing.

“I dance for Ballet Folklorico de Grand Rapids,” said Jocelyn Berruquin, senior at West Catholic High School.

Berruqin said she’s been with that group since she was three years old. She moves to the dances from several places in Mexico.

“We dance Jalisco, Veracruz and Sinaloa,” said Berruquin. “My favorite is from Jalisco; that’s the state from where my mom is from.”

West Catholic administrators gave Berruquin a chance to perform for her high school on Cinco de Mayo. She’ll perform again this year for a school assembly.

An undated photo of Jocelyn Berruquin. (Courtesy)
An undated photo of Jocelyn Berruquin. (Courtesy)

“It was really great,” said Berruquin. “I was nervous, but it was a good thing to dance for my culture, to express my Mexican culture to West Catholic.”

The dancer said she also shows off her moves on the field, as a cheerleader, and in the kitchen with her mom.

“We cater for family events, we cater for Quinceanera’s, weddings, and I love helping her cook,” said Berruquin. “I’m learning to cook.”

Berruquin wears many hats, and even wants to add more.

“I see my brothers work on cars, and it kind of interests me,” said Berruquin.

She’s practically good at anything that requires her to keep moving.

“I would really like to be a professional,” said Berruquin.