HOPKINS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Jordyn Tehennepee always thought she would go to college because she realized early on how much she loves animals.

A career as a veterinarian seemed like the logical choice. Tehennepee loves dogs so much. She has welcomed two of them into her home as a Paws with a Cause foster mom.

Her first dog is now going through the second part of training with the organization. Tehennepee has moved on to her second dog, Judo, who is also teaching her a few life lessons.

“You get frustrated because they’re not doing what you get. They get frustrated because they don’t know what you want them to do. There are a lot of fun things you get to do, bring the dog places, but there’s also frustrations,” she said.

Judo frequently joins her at her classes at the Allegan County Area Tech and Education Center, where she realized college may not be her dream after all.

“My whole life, even partway through high school, I thought I would study (to become a veterinarian). Then I came here for our veterinary science class, and I learned all those things,” she said.

She also learned about grooming, which is part of the class. It’s where she found her new dream.

“I figured out that I really enjoy doing it,” Tehennepee said.

She is now earning her certificate, which is free through the program but would cost hundreds of dollars otherwise.

“It’s really cool that I don’t have to pay for a transfer or pay to get (the certificate). I can just go right into working,” she said.

She’s also getting valuable time with her Paws with a Cause dog. The tech center has a partnership with the organization where the dogs come in once a week for grooming after they’ve completed the second part of their training program. The dogs get a nice bath, and the students all get to practice their skills.

“We learn how to do haircuts. We learn how to bath them, trim nails and shave out their paw pads,” she explained.

The tech center also offers discounted grooming rates for the general public, with the proceeds going to benefit Paws with a Cause. Call the center for information on prices and drop-off times.