PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A senior at Comstock Park High School witnessed a pretty scary scene last week. Her instincts took over, and she stopped to help a stranger in need.

Her name is Claudia Swenson, and she is our student of the week. She has come a long way in her four years of high school.

“My freshman year was kind of rough, but ever since then, I’ve done pretty great,” she said.

She admitted she was stuck trying to impress other people.

“I don’t like disappointing people anymore like it’s kind of like a letdown to yourself when I disappoint someone,” she said.

So instead — Swenson started focusing more on her future goal of becoming a nurse.

“My aunt works at the veterans home over in Northview, so she’s kind of my inspiration to go to nursing,” she said.

One experience, in particular, confirmed she was meant to help others.

Just last week, when she was driving home from school when she was a car swerve into her lane before driving straight into a tree. She said her first instinct was to stop, but no one else did.

“I pulled over and called the cops,” she said. “That’s the first thing I did. Then I went to the car and was trying to have him like work on his breathing.”

She said it was chaotic — and the man was screaming because his legs were stuck to the dash.

Emergency crews got to the scene and took him to the hospital, where he is now recovering. His wife has even reached out to thank Swenson.

“I’m grateful because if I didn’t stop, who else would have stopped after me so I’m just happy that he’s in rehab now,” she said.

Swenson now looks forward to pursuing her nursing degree at Ferris State University in the fall.