CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. (WOOD) — News 8’s student of the week has made a lot of noise in her community, and it isn’t just because she’s on the drumline.

Brielle Sarniak is a senior at Cedar Springs High School. While she’s very active in marching band (she’s the section leader of the drumline), she is also very active in her school.

Sarniak is part of the National Honors Society and leader of the Student Voice Forum. She has been instrumental in involving several of her fellow students in community projects.

The school’s principal said a key for selecting her is she consistently models a champion character, has a great work ethic, and shares a positive attitude with those around her.

“These years have gone by so quick, I don’t regret any of my time studying or doing extra volunteer stuff,” she said.

“There will always be time for other things and while I’m here, I would love to make as big of a change and get as much stuff done as I can to set myself up for the rest of my life.”

Sarniak plans on majoring in biomedical engineering but isn’t 100 percent set on that career choice. She still hasn’t decided on where she will go after high school.