GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Sydney Schoenborn knows the value of teamwork. She’s been playing on teams since elementary school, eventually focusing on travel teams for softball and basketball.

“Growing up, I was always built on being able to approach everybody, all of the coaches I’ve always had,” she said.

That amount of time spent in team environment has helped her in other areas, too.

“When playing travel sports, you have to be able to do things yourself. You’re the one who’s held accountable for everything,” she said.

Administrators at Catholic Central High School, where Schoenborn is starting her senior year, have long noticed her determination, team-minded attitude and kindness.

“Every single time I’ve interacted with her, she’s had a smile on her face. She brings joy to her day and to our day, and that’s what we want from our students,” Terrence Tyrrell, the president of Catholic Central, said.

As much as that mentality has benefited her in school, Schoenborn plans to take those lessons with her next year, when she’s no longer in the comfort of those familiar hallways.

“Being able to be a good teammate, to be someone people can come to, knowing that next year there are gonna be people who I don’t know who I’m going to have to adapt to, I’ll take that with me,” Schoenborn said.